Meet our CEO

FlawlessBossCollection was launched June 2020 as a tool to assist our CEO deal with her depression and anxiety. Her desire is to help others enhance their beauty from within and give inspiration and motivation. Often times we look for ways to help us feel beautiful and look good. Sometimes it’s applying make-up, the certain clothes we wear or maybe something as simple as a certain perfume or cologne. We want to add our products to that list! Our products will help make you feel confident in your own skin by feeling good and smelling good! Self care is IMPORTANT and our products will do just that!

What made us start a business?Let’s just say, a 9a-5p was never okay with me. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, just didn’t know exactly what field. Fast forward to 2018, I started doing nails and thought that was my life goal to be a nail tech. Boy was I wrong! When I became pregnant with my youngest daughter, the smell made me very sick, and was even in & out of the hospital. Once I had her, I tried going back to doing nails and it just wasn’t for me anymore. I lost interest. I knew when my maternity leave ended, I didn’t want to go back to work. So I began writing ideas down. However, in the midst of my maternity leave, I also developed Post Partum which was very unusual because I didn’t experience that with my other two children. This also uncovered some feelings I had been experiencing for awhile that I didn’t know was depression. The Post Partum maximized it. Fast forward, I began watching YouTube and wanted my niece and oldest daughter to start making lipgloss. They didn’t seem too excited about it, lol, but I definitely was. So I started doing a lot of research and started practicing. I decided that I wanted to start a small business to offset the financial loss from my maternity leave and came up with a name for it and started my business. I realized that my business and everything I do craft related was very therapeutic for me being able to bring out the creativity I never knew I had. I didn’t think I could do it to be honest. I told myself, “I’m a full time mom of not just one child, but THREE kids! How am I going to run a business?!” I brushed it off and I said “If they can do it, I CAN DO IT!”

I never understood why race was such an issue when I was a child. Other kids would always tease me calling me “white girl” because of the color of my skin and little do they know that it affected my self esteem. So I dealt with always asking myself “Am I really this or that? Who am I?”

I want women of all color to rock my brand & not be afraid of who you really are. I want you to feel confident in your own skin. I want you to know that when you walk outside your house, your FLAWLESS babe! Own that shit! Don’t let the world we live in try to title who you are or make you someone you’re not. Believe in YOU! We are all unique and one of a kind.