♡ Flawless Whipped lip scrub ♡ | Flawless Boss Collection
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♡ Flawless Whipped lip scrub ♡

  •  ♡ Flawless Whipped lip scrub ♡
  •  ♡ Flawless Whipped lip scrub ♡

“Flawless Whipped Lip Scrub”
🤍Softens, Moisturize, and helps with dry lips.

🤍Infused with shea butter & mango butter: that locks in moisture +Hydrates your lips and mango goes to work deeply to moisturizing. Helps with dry patches, flakiness.

🤍 vitamin e: used to relieve chapped. dry lips. promotes cell turnover and regeneration, using it on dry lips brings new cells to the surface faster

🤍coconut oil: incredible moisturizing and creates a thick narrows that keeps moisture in the skin while protecting your lips against the elements. coconut oil will also keep your lips germ-free, subsequently, help protect any cracked skin from becoming infected too.

Scented: Peppermint
Size: 2OZ

Ingredients: Shea butter. mango butter . Coconut oil, vitamin E Oil. Peppermint Flavor Oil, cane sugar..